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Pre-register by July 29, 2022.  Late registration is also possible the day of the race.   In addition to the traditional 2.25 mile swim across Teal Lake, there is also a 1/4 mile race.  The “Short-n-Sweet” race is open to all ages and will be a great introduction to open water swimming! Start times will be: “Short-n-Sweet” @ 8:30; Beginners @ 9:00 am; Competitive @ 9:30 am.   Please register 1/2 hour before your heat begins.  Heats will begin promptly at times noted.  Pledge envelopes will be collected race day at Teal Lake Beach, please have them sealed, with name and amount of money noted on outside of envelope.  Checks made out to:  WEHF (West End Health Foundation).    Race packets will be distributed at Teal Lake Beach the morning of the swim.  Packets will include, race number, swimming cap, drop bag, T-shirt a raffle ticket and more….

Pre-swim meetings will begin 15 minutes before the start of each heat at the Teal Lake Beach.  This will cover rules, safety issues and weather updates.  All swimmers and safety volunteers are required to attend.

Safety boats will follow the group across the lake.

Advanced Swimmers Only

Each swimmer must be capable of swimming the entire length of approximately 2.25 miles.  Safety boats consisting of kayaks, canoes and electric powered motors will be available for those that want to hold on and rest, wait out a leg cramp, get a drink, or be towed to shore.

If you think you will be in the water more than 2.5 hours, you must supply your own safety boat and volunteer.

Wet suits are allowed.  Fins are allowed if you feel they are necessary to finish in the time limit of 2.5 hours.  You will NOT be eligible to win an award if fins are used, however. 

Drop bags will be transported to the finish line and left on the Lodge porch.

Included in your drop bag should be your towel, dry clothes, and personal items needed when reaching the finish line.  The finish line will be a few yards up the beach, so come out of the lake and proceed to the finish line for time.


We will have refreshments (water, Gatorade, and snacks) available at the Lodge at the end of the race.  The safety boats will have bottles available for those needing a drink during the swim.

Awards begin when the last swimmer finishes. 

In case of inclement weather

If there is lightning or other inclement weather that threatens the safety of the swimmers or kayakers on the day of the swim, there will be a make up day on Sunday, July 31st, 2022.

More about the U.P. Diabetes Outreach Nework (UPDON)

UPDON is a local, non-profit organization with a long history of serving the U.P. and helping to strengthen diabetes care across our region.  Swim Teal Lake will help support the many projects UPDON is involved with including:

      Connecting and developing other resources for people with diabetes across the U.P.

      Assisting healthcare systems as they work towards strengthening diabetes services.